The Bully Boys
In Camp and Combat with the 2nd Ohio
Volunteer Infantry Regiment, 1861-1864

Compiled & Edited by Richard A. Baumgartner

Civil War Regimental Letters Series.

---Hurriedly assembled within hours of President Abraham Lincoln's appeal for troops following the bombardment of Fort Sumter, the 2nd Ohio Volunteers embarked on a journey in April 1861 that profoundly altered most of their lives. Few, if any, realized then the enormous human and financial toll a civil war between North and South would demand, but after 40 months of hardship, privation and loss the cost was plainly evident to those fortunate enough to survive.
---The 2nd Ohio Infantry Regiment was among the very first to heed the call to arms and leave its home state for the scenes of conflict. Originally organized for three months' service, it saw fighting in Virginia at First Bull Run just one week before mustering out. Reorganized in the late summer of 1861, the 2nd Ohio experienced the real "rough side of war" during the next three years of arduous duty in Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia, participating in many notable campaigns and battles, including Ivy Mountain, Huntsville, Battle Creek, Perryville, Stones River, Hoover's Gap, Chickamauga, Lookout Mountain, Missionary Ridge, Rocky Face Ridge and Resaca.
---Along the way the regiment's travails and triumphs were recorded in letters from the front composed for private and public consumption back home. Camp life and combat naturally attracted much attention, but the citizen-soldiers also commented freely and frequently on topics ranging from politics and slavery to short rations, military bungling and red tape, and, of course, their Confederate counterparts.
---As the first book-length work ever published on this distinguished regiment, The Bully Boys addresses the 2nd Ohio's previous omission from Civil War literature with award-winning historian Richard A. Baumgartner's compilation of wartime letters written by nearly 40 of its members. Supplementing the correspondence are 75 photographs and illustrations, as well as informative excerpts gleaned from a heretofore unpublished memoir by Anson McCook, a scion of the Buckeye State's famous "fighting" McCook family, who rose in rank from company commander to the 2nd Ohio's colonelcy. Understandably proud of the soldiers with whom he served, McCook sincerely believed that "Better material could not be found anywhere on earth."

Hardcover with dust jacket, 6 x 9 format, 549 pages, illustrated, appendix, notes, bibliography & index. ISBN 978-1-885033-38-3

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